WebMaps - An introduction

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to webmaps broken up into four 2-3 hour lessons.


  1. Theory, practices and required skills
    • What are WebGIS and WebMaps?
    • The evolution of WebMaps from static images to dynamic
    • Types of map services
    • Limitations of WebMaps
    • How do WebMaps operate?
    • The map stack components
    • Client side components - Skills development
    • File systems
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Common data formats - Developer tools
    • Browser
    • Coding
  2. Building simple WebMaps and uploading them to a server
    • Making and understanding the index file
    • Uploading your web page from last week to the server
    • Creating your first WebMap (Leaflet)
    • Creating a WebMap of flight paths using QGIS
    • Uploading more WebMaps to your server
  3. Adding data and components
    • Debugging a WebMap
    • Adding external data to a map
    • Creating a legend
    • Creating an interactive information panel
  4. Making WebMaps with R
    • R Leaflet maps
    • Mapbox base map
    • Final assignment

Updates for next year

In lesson 1

In lesson 3 or 4